Miniature i Tune 2019

Miniature i Tune 2019 is on its way and will be held as usual from the 8th.-12th. Of July 2019.
In the future the organising will be conducted by:
Linda den Besten, Holland
Valeria Bonomi, Italy
Ursula Dyrbye-Skovsted.
They will contact you when the new programme is ready.
This is after agreement with me since I have to withdraw due to private reasons.
In a period of time I will assist,, but they are the ones to continue Miniature I Tune.
I want to thank you all for support and lovely hours in your company and I will
In the future also participate , when possible in Miniature I Tune.
Please welcome the new organizers and let us together support this fantastic possibility
To be together and have the worlds leading miniature artists among us to be our teachers.
With affectionate miniature greeting
Hanna Maria Clement
Buresø, DK 12.10.2018