Welcome to Miniature i Tune

9th.-13th. July 2018

It is a great pleasure welcoming you to Miniature i Tune. An international summerschool for you who value to be challenged in a professional way with miniature, and at the same time be part of a cosy and inspiring social community with miniature people from all over the world.

Open for registration 

The teachers are some of the leading artists within their speciality. See who they are:â–ºTeachers 2018

The summerschool takes place in beautiful surroundings at Tune Conference Center, Greve , about 30 km. west of Copenhagen.

You will find many informations here on the website, but are you missing something please send a mail to: info@miniatureitune.dk

The new website: In the future we will only have one website but in both English and Danish. We have been concentrating in putting up the new programme for 2018. Photoes from earlier years will be transferred along the way. Hope you like the site and you are welcome to comment in a mail.

Hanna Maria Clement.