Jens Torp

A 4 Silver Salmon Tray

This a Salmon Tray made for serving a whole salmon or slices of cold smoked salmon at the table. The head and tail are made in sterling silver the body is carved in pear wood and varnished.

Making the item incorporates the skills of piercing,filing,engraving,carving and polishing.

I believe that both newcomers to my classes and those more experienced would enjoy this.

Material fee : DKK 350. - paid to the teacher first day in class




Would you like to serve Smoked Salmon on your tray?

Would you like to serve smoked salmon from this beautiful tray ? Then you have two choices: You register in Cristina Minischetti 2 day class B7. Read more when clicking on the green mark under photo,

Or you can order it finished from Cristina at a special price:
This price is only for students participating in Jens´s Silver Salmon Tray Class.

B7 Smoked Salmon