Bill Robertson


This class is now full and there is a waitinglist.

This is a woodworking class that will build a doorway and display windows that can be used as a stand alone display, hung on a wall or incorporated into a building project. The exact doorway we will use has not been decided yet. I would like to get some feedback from those students who have signed up for this class,

as to what they want to use it for. This could be used to display small things like silver or maybe a flower or toy shop.

The plan is to have between one and three design options for the students to build depending on how complex they want their project to be and how hard they want to work. Students will start with a wood base and mount details such as window and door frames, pediment or sign, columns and moldings. The door will be built with basic joinery and a few paneled options will be offered depending on the type and number of Proxxon machines we can get. The plan is to teach some basic machine set up for cutting molding using a milling machine, drill press and table saw.

This class will concentrate on woodworking, the project will be built in a way that it can be taken apart for painting which you can do at home without the pressure of a deadline for finishing.

Students should be able to get the woodworking part finished during class.

This project is also designed to use some of the work and techniques from previous classes. The sign bracket 2017/18 would look great outside. Years ago we did a hinge and fancy door hardware class that would be perfect with this.

This could be a perfect tribute to years of classes at TUNE, fill it with silver, flowers, food or any of your past projects.

Materials fee will be 600 DKK or equal to $ 95 payable in Euro, Kroner or USD.

Must be paid to the teacher first day in class.

Mashine tools: If you are willing to bring some of your own, please inform Bill. It will be a great help.