Tine Krijnen

B5 Victorian Book with Old Library

Victorian book with tooled spine containing an old library.

This leather covered Victorian book looks really old and because of the tooled spine, very genuine.  When opened you will find an library with a library step and lots of tiny books.  You will make the Victorian book from already cut wooden parts. It will be covered with leather.  We will tool the cover title.  After staining the library parts, the bookshelves, the class will make a start with the aproximately 99 tiny books to fill the library shelves.

The tiny books have leather covers and with a very fine pen, one would be able even to write in them.

It is great fun to situate them on the shelves, either orderly or in a rather messy way. Although all the students will have the same amount of material, the Library books will all look different.


Material fee: €uro 35.-   paid to the teacher first day in class.

This class is for all levels.But very good eyesight and a steady hand is  a MUST.

If students are not sure whether they will be capable of handling the tiny parts they can test it by trying to pick up rice or couscous grains with pointy tweezers and try to place them in a fine line next to one another.