James Carrington

B 3 The Complete Millinary Course

In this two day class students will start by moulding curved brims and crowns which we then set aside to dry while we concentrate on assembling straight brims and crowns for which full patterns are given.

Once mastered, students are encouraged to experiment with alternative hat shapes from the tiny pill box, the boater, toppers, to the most extravagant Ascot hat ready for decoration. Then we experiment with the curves brims and crowns with instructions on how to make your own moulds for later use.

Decoration with feather work, ribbon work, flowers, veiling and many other ways of trimming the hats will be shown.

A complete millinery shop will be completed by the end of the course and ways of displaying for the exhibitions will be available.

Materials: DKK 400. - Paid to the teacher first day in class.