General information

Class selection:

Each student indicates the choice of one A-class of 3 days and one B-class of 2 days in the registration form. Some classes are expected to fill quickly, so please indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for A-class as well as B-class. Waiting lists will be maintained, in case cancellations make room in a class of higher priority.

Accommodations are at Tune Kursuscenter (Tune Conference Centre) situated near the villages Greve and Tune ca. 30 km from Copenhagen and ca. 30 km from Københavns lufthavn, Kastrup (Copenhagen airport, Kastrup). It is a handsome old estate, but fully equipped to modern standard. Most of the rooms are for single persons and has a private bathroom, but a few double rooms, also with private bathroom, are available. At our disposal are spacious workshops, conference rooms, lecture hall, living room, dining hall and the beautiful surroundings that includes a courtyard. All indoor premises are non-smoking. As the buildings contain many staircases, they are not suitable for wheelchair users.

We start with a welcome gathering on Monday of July 2018 at 9.30 in Aud.1.
Classes take place from Monday at 10.00 till Friday 13th of July 2018 at 16.00. We end with an exhibition of our products Friday at 16-17, and say goodbye to each other in Aud.1.
If you arrive Sunday, rooms are available from 17.00. Sunday dinner is served at 18.00.
The rooms have to be left Friday at 9.30, unless you have bought an extra overnight stay till Saturday. Those who stay till Saturday should leave the room immediately after breakfast Saturday.

The daily course of events:
Will be published closer to the date.

The price for participation is 5.900 DKK (Danish kroner) which pays for classes, board and lodging from Monday 9th. of July at 10.00 until Friday 13th. of July at 17.00. Materials fee vary and have to be paid to the teachers. The amount can be seen at the description of each class. The material fees can vary due to changes in currencies and transport expenses for the materials, that has to be sent in advance. It is possible to buy extra board and lodgings. Prices can be seen at the registration form.

Registration and reservation of a seat in the chosen classes is accepted at prepayment of 1000 DKK, which is not refundable if you cancel. Payment of the rest of the price is due at the latest on 1st. of March 2018. The money is to be transferred to Miniature in Tune’s account in Merkur, as described in the registration form. All bank fees in connexion with transferring the payment to Miniature i Tune, is to be paid by the participant.

If you cancel before February 30th.2018 we refund the entire price except the prepaid 1000 DKK. After this date no refunds will be issued. All teachers have conditioned their teaching of a minimum number of students. If the number of students at the teachers’ classes does not surpass this minimum number on April the 1st 2018, the classes of this teacher will be cancelled.


It is your whole responsibility to work in the workplaces and to use the tools. Miniature i Tune do not take responsibility, but recommend strongly that you respect the instructions from your teacher.

If you get sick/accident - for students not living in DK:

We recommend you find out and eventually buys an insurance. In case you get sick or have an accident. Check the authorities in your own country.

Sales of your own designed miniatures:

Tuesday evening as usual you will have the possibility to sell if you have some miniatures of your own design and made. You can book a table and a white table cloth for DKK 25.

Exhibition of unique miniatures:

This year we would like to make a little exhibition in Auditorium 1. If you have one or two pieces of miniature, you´ve made yourself here in Tune or at home, and perhaps you would like to share with us your joy for beautiful artistery.

Contact Hanna with a photo and a description.


Optional activities in the evening:
In the evenings you have various options.
Some workshops are open for work  until 22:00. Please ask your teacher.
We will offer entertainment such as lecture, fair and exhibition.
The fair Tuesday evening shows invited exhibitors and those of the students and teachers who want to sell something of their own making. If you know at the registration time, that you have something to sell, please send an email to:  If you find out later, just bring it along.
Wednesday evening we also exhibit the items, we have just finished in the 3-day classes.
Every night we may get together in “Kostalden” (“The Cow barn”), a large living room, and exchange experiences of the day and have a refreshment in the self service bar.
At the end of classes on Friday at 16.00, we hurry to the conference hall to make an exhibition of all our products from the classes and take leave of each other.