A 3 Sculpting the Human Figure


Even more new techniques for students to experiment with will be available in this class. Open to complete novices in working with polymer clay to the experienced student wanting to fine tune their skills.

We start with the baked scull – students will each have their own mould to reproduce this at home – and we cover with clay to start creating the facial features, then, once baked, students will learn to paint the face to reveal the character, often a complete surprise.

Then we move on to hands and feet, never as hard a people imagine, and create the torso from Jamie’s moulds.

Now we can assemble the complete figure in a posed or poseable form and create a suitable wig.

Students are encouraged to release their inner doll maker and find their own style, with help along the way. Anything is possible, from hags to lords; just bring your imagination with you and have fun.


Material: DKK 400. - Paid to the teacher first day in class.